Those of you who know me personally know that I rarely like to keep quiet. That I like to do more than write comics and talk about comics, but to spread the word on all things that I’m passionate about. But for some strange reason, I’ve been super quiet for the past (almost) year, and very specifically in the last several months. Not many blogs, reviews, or things outside of the comics. And this is all for a very good reason: I’ve kind of had a life-changing event occur.

For those of you who don’t follow my Twitter or Facebook, I recently got married to the most awesome girl on the planet. Nay, scratch that – in the universe! It was a lot of work putting together our perfect day – but thankfully we had a lot of help from the amazing people in our lives. And now, I would like to share that story with you. Because even if you haven’t met me in person, or even if we haven’t hung out outside of a convention or a panel or something of the like, you know that I love to tell stories. And trust me – this is a story worth sharing.

Where do I begin….?

For the last year, Beth and I have been toiling away on the multiple details that went into our wedding. You see, when we first started planning this thing we picked one word each that we wanted to describe the wedding day itself. My word was fun. Her word was personal. And the last year has been spent making this day themed around those two very words. And it has been a lot of work, to say the least. But worth it.

So Friday night was the night of the rehearsal, broken out into two parts: the ceremony rehearsal, followed by the rehearsal dinner.

Friday started off with Beth, Josh (one of my groomsmen), and myself heading out to Schaumburg. Beth had a few hours with her matrons of honor in a spa, meanwhile Josh and I went to the hotel to hang out. Josh had to bang out a script, so I went to the lobby to chill with guests as they arrived – and eventually went to Portillo’s for a quick bit of lunch.

After food, we stopped back off in the hotel to relax a bit before changing into some fancier outfits (that’s right, I can clean up – try not to feint) and headed over to the church. We ran through a somewhat confusing rehearsal of the ceremony that would occur tomorrow, stayed a little longer than we should have, and then drove over to our dinner at Dave and Busters (Beth’s idea).

Thank you speech for our friends and family

Since we were arriving late, most of our guests were already in the large room we had rented at Dave and Busters. Beth and I thanked our guests for coming – some from very far, some from five minutes away – and invited them to enjoy the fajita buffet (which was extremely tasty) and bar. We handed out gifts to our wedding party, had a quick bite our own selves, and then handed out the treat of the evening: game cards!

Groomsmen gift – personalized flasks (among other things)

A great way to unwind before the big day

The group disappeared into the place to play various games (many people attaining tickets up the wazoo), unwinding, and acting like kids. It was a great way to relax before the big event the next day, and a fun way for people in the wedding party to get to know each other a little better.

After hours playing some games, Beth went to her mother’s house and I retired to the hotel. I hung out with some of the guys until around 2am, drinking whiskey and catching up with some people I haven’t seen in years. It was the perfect night before my life would change forever.


Welcome bags for our wedding party…and foreshadowing for things to come