We’ve been teasing about a “big announcement” for a while now in Albert the Alien, and it’s finally live: ALBERT THE ALIEN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON THRILLBENT!

Check it out here: Start at the beginning on Thrillbent

Gabe and I launched Albert in April, 2013 the week before C2E2. We were approached by Mark Waid (Indestructible Hulk, Kingdom Come, and so many more amazing comics!) at that show and set up a few meetings. He became aware of Albert through Reading with Pictures, as well as the founder of the organization (and my good friend) Josh Elder. Mark was a very friendly guy, and really wanted Gabe and I do whatever it was we wanted to do with the character – he just wanted to put that content on his website. We had no problems with this what-so-ever.

Albert is going to be updating in a horizontal format – the same great content you get on this site, just a little easier to see on device screens – and will also be available digitally in their online store, as well as through Thrillbent’s iVerse and Comixology fronts.

It’s a great deal, a fantastic opportunity, and something that will hopefully help expand our Albert stories in front of more readers. Mark and team have been fantastic to work with, and we’re looking forward to our partnership with Thrillbent.

Albert will continue to update on Wednesdays and Fridays on his own website (http://www.AlbertTheAlien.com), and will update in bulk on Tuesdays on Thrillbent.

If you want to check out what Albert looks like in the Thrillbent reader, check out the embed below (and feel free to share the embed with your friends).