Trevor, Gabo, and the army of books we signed over the weekend

Over the weekend, Gabo and I got together and signed a bunch of copies of our latest graphic novel, Albert the Alien vol 4: Space Bullies from Mars. Having finally gotten the books from the printer, we sat down and started doing order fulfillment to make sure these books could get into the hands of our Kickstarter backers, our pre-order supporters, and everyone who supported us while we were making this book.

Gabo even put a little sketch in every copy

After hours of signing books, stuffing envelopes, printing postage, and readying the merch and other items people ordered (you know, pins, t-shirts, and other stuff you can find in our online store), we were finally able to drop off the packages at the post office after-hours drop box. Books should be arriving at everyone’s house in the next week or so (assuming no issues with the shipping…so, fingers crossed).

This is only a fraction of the books we signed from our pre-orders…

While we have finished the Albert the Alien series, we’re not done with it just yet! Gabe and I are actively working on some new projects for 2019 and beyond, and we can’t wait to share them with you soon. We’ll try to make some announcements on here as soon as we can, but also be sure to sign up for our newsletter on this and other projects that are coming out soon.

We want to thank you again for supporting Albert the Alien throughout the years, supporting our careers in comics to date, and for your patience in getting these books (since they were a bit delayed, due to circumstances outside of our control). You’re awesome, and we want you to forever stay that way.