The final day of a show is always bittersweet, but this show was proving to be much more show. Why are shows bittersweet? Because eventually they must end. And the final day of a con has the knowledge that this is going to happen, mixed with the energy of needing to sell out the final day and the momentum to finish strong.

I got up and packed, checked out of the hotel, and headed to breakfast with my final free breakfast pass. The cafe was mostly empty, which didn’t surprise me because many people were likely sleeping in a bit more this morning, after a late night out. I hiked over to the con with my stuff, set up the table, and proceeded to sell my heart out as best I could.

The final day of the con, and only a few books left!

The day was cut short a bit, though, because I had an earlier flight out – so I wouldn’t get to finish up the day at the con. I sold as much as I could before I had to pack up and say my goodbyes and head for the shuttle. The shuttle was packed with guests from the show – including Joe Rivera, who I had met the first morning in the gym.

We chatted the whole drive to the airport, each of us getting off at different airlines. I checked in and headed to the waiting area, catching up on social media while I waited to board. Before I knew it, I was on the plane and headed back to Chicago.

For years my friends had talked to me about how amazing Baltimore Comic Con was, and I didn’t know what they were talking about until I finally attended the show myself. There’s an overwhelming sense of family at the show – among staffers, guests, volunteers, and the organizers of the event. It’s less like a comic convention, and more like a family reunion – where you get along with your entire family, and generally want to see them. Plus, the awards ceremony added on top of it was a huge highlight – to receive the nomination alone was amazing, to get it two years in a row was not expected, and to get the support from my peers in comics was incredible.

Thank you so much Baltimore Comic Con for having me out, for all of the last-minute arrangements, and for generally being an awesome and amazing con. I look forward to seeing you next year!

The worst part of a con is always the same: when it ends. See you next year, Baltimore!