Below is the list of the very awesome and supportive people who made Albert the Alien volume 2 a reality, but supporting us on Kickstarter. Without their support, Gabo and I wouldn’t be able to do what we love doing – telling stories about a cute little alien student from another planet. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much for your support.

Please note these names are in alphabetical order, and based on Kickstarter user names (so some are just first names, or pseudonyms).

Alan Evans
Alicia Vonderharr
Allison Adams
Andrea Laidlaw
Andrew Hernandez
Ashley Turner
Barry Chapman
Beth Mueller
Beth Camero
Bob Eddy
Bradley Walker
Brandon Viruet
Camilla Zhang
Carl Kloster
Cheryl Fisher
Chris Brown
Cody Dolan
Comfort & Adam
Cornelia Haggart
Crissi & Ed Boland
Dave Swartz
Dianne Noonkester
Donald Ferris
Effie Covganka
Elisabeth Sampon
Eric Beasley
Eric Palicki
Erica Hampton
Erin Walker
Ethan Daniels
Evan Ritchie
Fred Van Lente
Gene Ha
Gregory Noonkester
Holly Christine Brown
J Kevin Carrier
Jack Gulick
Jackie Healy
Jacob Halton
Jacqueline Lord
Jaroslaw Ejsymont
Jason Crase
Jason O’Connor
Jeff Buckner
Jeff Metzner
Jessica Panza
Jim McClain
John MacLeod
Jon Scrivens
Jorey Worb
Josh Elder
Joshua Todd Crowther
Joyce Vivirski
Julie Kurzawski
Kat Kan
Kate Tilton
Madalyn Winans
Marc Fishman
Maria Abdul Hack
Megan Sprecher
Melissa Tidd
Melissa Wong
Marie Hln
Mike Innes
Michael Boeke
Michael Vincent Bramley
Mike Jakubowski
Nate Mueller
Neal Bailey
Nick Centofante
Nicole Bell
Rachel Ambrozewski
Rene Castellano
Rick Savage
Robert Jarosinski
Rudy Hernandez
Russell Nohelty
Ryan Kopf
Sally Ransford
Sara Parks
Sasha Arnkoff-Thompson
Scott Heinowski
Sean Gregory
Shawn Pryor
Steve Wallace
Susie Berneis
Taki Soma
Team Kirin Rise
Thomas Atkins
Tom Orr
Tom Stillwell
Wendy Duplechain
Zach Miller