We have launched the Kickstarter campaign for ALBERT THE ALIEN VOLUME 2: THE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER FROM PLANET X!

As a supporter of the first Kickstarter campaign, we wanted to give you early access to Albert’s next graphic novel adventure, which takes place one week after the first collection. If you support this next volume, you can gain even more awesome rewards, including:

— Copies of ALBERT THE ALIEN VOL 2 (available in both print and digital, or both)
— New original stories by guest artists that you (or someone you know) can appear in
— Opportunities to appear in the ALBERT THE ALIEN webcomic series, and part of the volume 3 collection
— And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Check out the Kickstarter for ALBERT THE ALIEN VOLUME 2 right away! And please tell your friends and family about it, too!