The happy couple

When we last left off in our story, Beth and I had just gotten married, taken some photos with the wedding party on a playground, and then headed off to the banquet hall for the reception. We had decorated the hall with personalized centerpieces (each table number had pictures of Beth and I at that age, as well as some of our favorite love quotes on books surrounded by paper roses), napkins that had trivia facts about Beth and I, and thank yous written to the guests.

While everyone enjoyed drinks and food brought around by the wait staff, Beth and I stood in a receiving line to say hello to everyone. The receiving line took up most of the cocktail hour, but that was okay – we cut cocktail hour short by about 12 minutes for the introductions that I wanted to have.

Albert the Alien creative team Trevor and Gabe, sharing the love

So, this year has been a little light for me in terms of turning out comics work. However, we had a 12 page mini-comic included in the invitation, and then I worked on writing, producing, and staring in 4 (we wrote 6) fake movie trailers. Now, these trailers were each a different genre, and each a different stage in our relationship. The last of these trailers would be used to directly set up the DJ to introduce the wedding party.

For your viewing pleasure, below are the trailers:

The Better Half – Romantic Comedy Trailer

I Do – Action Movie Trailer

The Honeymoon – Horror Movie Trailer

The Wedding Party – Superhero Movie Trailer

After the wedding party was introduced, Beth and I made our entrance and said a few words, thanking everyone in the room for their amazing love, support, and encouragement over the years. And without further delay, Beth and I moved in to our cake cutting. Beth and I sliced the cake together, and I fed her first. When it was her turn, there was a hesitation, then a crack smile – immediately followed by her spreading the cake across my forehead.

The cake toppers…eventually, the groom was also covered in frosting

After whipping my head clean, we took our seats and began having dinner. Speeches then followed – my brother giving me a pretty good entertaining (yet sentimental) jab, Beth’s two matrons of honor saying some pretty sweet things about her, and then a surprise speech from one of my groomsmen, Josh Elder. The speeches were fantastic, followed by food that was also fantastic.

During dinner, the DJs played rat pack era music, and one of the photographers set up a photobooth (similar to a homecoming dance formals photo area). After dinner ended, we went into our formals dances – Beth and I danced to “You’ve Got a Friend in Me,” by Randy Newman. Beth then danced with her father to “Cinderella,” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I then danced with my mother to “What a Wonderful World” by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

After that, the DJs opened up the floor and started mixing music late into the night. The floor never emptied, before we know it the night was over.

After the reception hall closed, Beth and I headed over to the hotel bar – and several of the groomsmen had grabbed the booze from our room, so the party could go even later into the night. Beth and I retired a bit earlier, but I’m told the party lasted well past 3am.

Photo booth shots of the bride and groom

The groomsmen

The comic book men

Beth and I got up the next morning for breakfast with our families, and then headed back into the city and spent most of the day sleeping. It had been an entire year building up towards this single day, which was amazing and awesome and exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time. It really was the best day of our lives (so far).

Thank you so much to everyone who attended (and those who could not) for your love, support, enthusiasm, and encouragement over the years past – and we look forward you being a part of the story of our lives in the years yet to come.

Seriously, the picture says it all