How’s it going? It’s been an action-packed couple of weeks for me, with little sign of letting up soon. But it’s a good thing – we like it busy. Better busy than bored, right?

I’ve been hard at work on “the work,” and the press has gotten wind. Below are two interviews I did recently with some awesome peeps.

First up is Anime on Location, who interviewed me at ACEN this year. They have interviewed me a few years in a row, in fact, and there are some fun and exciting things revealed in this interview – so definitely check it out.

Additionally a few weeks back I did an interview with my good friend Uncle Yo on his hilarious and insightful podcast We Are the Geek. It’s my second appearance on the show, and Uncle Yo and I have great rapport – and he’s such an easy guy to talk to.

Definitely be sure to check out these interviews, and be on the lookout for more because there;s plenty more to come! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some more comics to write!

BOOM! WHACK! THUD! type type type….