With the announcement the other day about starting an Albert the Alien webcomic series in 2013 (likely launching in late March or early April), wanted to provide some background on the project. Today we’ll talk about the premise of the story, as well as the main characters.

Albert has come to Earth to lean about humans as the first intergalactic foreign exchange student. And when Albert’s involved, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary.



Albert is an alien from the planet Xevon VII, and is the first intergalactic exchange student on Earth. He’s very excited to learn everything there is about human culture and our planet – and sometimes his excitement gets the better of him, as he doesn’t often “look before he leaps.”

He enjoys video games, pizza, and space surfing around asteroid belts. He currently lives with his homestay family, the Greyson’s, and is best friends with their daughter Gerty.


Gerty Greyson is a normal everyday human girl – who dreams about outer space! Her father is an astronaut, and her mother is a rocket scientist, so Gerty is very smart and interested in all things space and science.She often acts as the voice of reason for Albert, trying to keep his crazy antics from getting him into trouble. She also sticks up for him from the school bully, Wally McNally.


Wally McNally is the meanest kid in school, and has decided to pick on every kid who is different from him – which is everyone! He particularly doesn’t like Albert, and goes out of his way to terrorize him on a regular basis with his two goons in tow, Lugg and Ugg. However, Wally isn’t exactly the brightest bulb in the box, and is often thwarted by his own actions in an often hilarious and embarrassing manner.